The use of mobile apps on smartphones has increased dramatically over the past ten years. Almost all websites possess a mobile adapted interface for smartphones, if not a fully functional app. The demand for the development of more and more mobile apps also grows as the number of people who use smartphone increases gradually. The mobile apps became so much popular due to their transformative impact on the individuals and society as a whole. Rather than dormant individuals who rely on and expect the slow functioning bureaucracies and processes within everyday life, a new group of people has emerged who would like to solve daily problems in a blick of a second with useful mobile apps. It is way easier to reach technology and use the data with mobile apps so that people become happy while enjoying the convenience that these apps offer. Here is a short analysis of the transformative impact of mobile apps on individuals and global society.

A New Individual Is Created: Humans 4.0

The new individuals who use mobile apps almost in all spheres of their lives are more curious about the events happening around them. They welcome the modern day with mobile apps while listening to the sounds coming from the different spots of nature. They organise their daily schedule with mobile apps such as Google Day by Day or Keep. These individualistic apps have transformed the communication channels of humans in a way which everything is digitalised.

Welcome to the Digital Society

Looking for an item, selling an object or just searching for suggestions on an upcoming trip have never been so easy since the launch of digital society that is built on mobile apps. All social interactions can be manifested and realised through mobile apps. Community meetings, neighbourhood activities, and solidarity events can be now organised and structured with mobile apps. The issues of sustainability, urban mobility, and community health can be tackled with mobile apps as well.