The number of people who use the transformative power of mobile apps is growing gradually. In the era of digitalisation and technology, people update their skills and expectations according to what technology offers them currently. Mobile apps help people to save time, energy and motivation while dealing with everyday problems regarding health, finances, transport, education, cooking, and communication. Here is a brief list of first generation mobile apps, which dominate the mobile app market, and known to be the most popular among users from all around the world.



Making Life Easier for Years: Must-Have Mobile Apps for Everyday Life

People benefit from these mobile apps while solving the issues of daily life. Whether it is a communication issue or the users just want to be known by the others, these first generation mobile apps help to resolve tasks while increasing the publicity of individuals.

  • Messenger App: This app is connected to Facebook, therefore if users receive a message from a third party or a close friend, it is more convenient and faster to read the messages with this app
  • WhatsApp: Most popular messaging and communication app among users. People can send photos, locations, videos, private messages and profiles of other people to their friends and family.
  • Google Maps: People never get lost with this app, since it shows almost everything about the destination which the users will visit or even the route that they should follow
  • Health App: It is essential to track your physical well-being in terms of checking whether you have enough water in your body or burnt enough calories. iOS and Android offer similar apps with different names
  • Instagram: People use this app to show what they are doing and where they are, or to join the activities which they have been seeking
  • Twitter: Great social media platform to stay connected to the rest of the world, even with celebrities, and follow the raising trends globally