The number of mobile apps has skyrocketed in the last five years due to the massive demand for more functional and user-friendly designs. Millions of different people from everywhere around the world benefit from practical solutions, and the colourful interior design of mobile apps within their everyday practices. If you are looking for more creative mobile apps, rather than the first generation apps on your smartphone, then here you can find our list of cheerful, creative yet functional mobile apps which might indulge you for further use.

Get Creative with Colorful, Cheerful and Functional Mobile Apps on Your Smartphone

Amid the daily routines of our lives, sometimes it is just a creative design or a distinct dot on the digital screen of our smartphones which makes us smile and uplifts our mood for that day. Here is a brief list of creative mobile apps which will awaken your curiosity, and encourage you with more brain exercises:

  • Story Art: This app helps you put your photos in order so that you can create great stories to be posted on Instagram. It enables you to integrate text overlay, and it supports creative brush types. Awesome templates are waiting for future users
  • TED Talks: If you are familiar with TED concept already, you can enjoy having these informative talks in the mobile app format. For those individuals who are seeking a great motivation talk, go for it.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express: All the necessary tools of Photoshop are available within this app so that users don’t need to have their PC with them all the time. Great app for re-organising and structuring the photos
  • Cover Photo Maker: For those who are designing flyers or posters, this app helps greatly. For Facebook and Instagram campaigns, users can create clear cover photos with this app.
  • Behance: All the creative minds of the world come and share their work within this app. If you are a creative individual also, join the club.