Among the daily routines of our lives, it is sometimes more convenient to take a chance on something short, funny and straightforward, so that we can continue with our bright mood of that day. Regardless of you being on the train on your way to the office, or just giving yourself a short break after a fitness workout at the gym studio, you can enjoy the second generation funny apps which can be downloaded to your smartphone. With a user-friendly interface, attention taking colours and diverse scope, these mobile apps can help you spend your mini-breaks, or obligatory in-city travels, as moments of joy and laughter.

Easily accessed and downloaded from Google Play Store or iOS App Store, these second-generation mobile apps will help you think and smile, learn and remember, and from time to time, just make you curious about something you are interested in. Just like the blackjack real money app, these apps can urge the cognitive and analytical part of your brain to work, so that you will never understand how the time passes when you are using these mobile apps.

Have Some Free Time? Try Second Generation Apps for Fun

Life itself is not going only around Snapchat or Instagram filters. Among the tough office work and busy schedules, everyone can have small breaks to laugh and cheer with friends. The second generation apps are ready to take over these time intervals.

  • Daily Art: This free app offers you quick information and eye-catching details from the most prominent and worldwide known pieces of art. Fill your day with Van Gogh or Da Vinci.
  • Curiosity: This app will make you learn new things and gain new skills almost in minutes, supported by videos and visuals.
  • Tasty Town: You can produce your own products at your farm, and cook with your own equipment while receiving orders from the visitors to your restaurant. Just give it a try and enjoy.