In this digitalised era, it is almost impossible not to use mobile apps on smartphones. However, people can download so many cool yet undiscovered apps that can bring new perspectives to their lives. Here is a short list of these funny apps.

Enrich Your Life with Cool Apps

You can use these apps at your short breaks or free time intervals during the busy and stressful office day. Take a look at these cool apps, broaden your perspective and enrich your life:

  • Skillz: This app encourages you to use specific structures of logic and recognition skills. You will enjoy reshaping the various colour blocks while trying to solve the riddle. While doing that you will learn new information about various issues as well.
  • Sun Locator Lite: This app will help you understand the position of the Sun and the Moon so that you can arrange the blue and golden hour for your photographs, outdoor photo shootings, outdoor activities, and filming schedules. Enjoy the 3D visuals within the app.
  • Star Walk 2 Free: When was the last time that you actually looked up in the sky and then wanted to know more about the constellations, planets, and satellites? This app offers you broad information about the location of the stars and the planets in the Solar System. 3D Visuals help you locate the constellations and comprehend their shapes.
  • PlantNet: If you are curious about the plants around you but unable to name them, this app is perfect for you. After downloading this app on your smartphone, you just need to hold the leaf of the plant to your phone’s camera and let it identify the plant or the tree for you. Know better and enjoy nature with this app.
  • Instructables: This app will help you build more than 100 thousand projects by yourself. From small and puzzle-like decorative objects to bigger build-by-yourself items, you can learn how to do them with colourful visuals of this app.