Our daily life is under the heavy influence of the digital era, which makes it compulsory for people to use, and benefit from, mobile apps from their smartphones. In the past ten years, the function and the practicality of mobile apps have improved significantly. According to the feedback which they receive from the users, the developers of mobile apps have improved the user interface as well as the channels of accessibility. The most successful developers and the most popular mobile app companies continue to lead the way for the rest and influence the newly established start-ups in this sector. Here is a brief but interesting list of the most successful mobile app developers, and the most popular apps all around the world.


The Leaders in the Mobile App Business: Best of Best for Years

The sectors such as entertainment, health, transportation, online games and online casino as well as travel, education, press, and energy have started to use their mobile apps to increase their accessibility and online traffic. Here are worldwide known mobile app developers and the most popular mobile apps for the past ten years.

  • Rightpoint: Mobile app developer based in Chicago, Illinois
  • Hedgehog Lab: Mobile app developer from London, UK
  • WillowTree: Mobile innovation agency, developing apps for their clients, USA based
  • ArcTouch: With a sense of interior design and architecture, the company continues to develop mobile apps for its clients
  • Intellectsoft: Serving as a digital transformation consultancy, the company offers engineering services and builds mobile apps
  • Dom & Tom: Being famous as a digital production agency, this company also offers services as a mobile app developer
  • Mubaloo: Possessing offices in Germany, the UK, and the US, this company offers a variety of services including mobile app development and software solutions.
  • Glance: London based mobile app development company, focussing more on human psychology when developing the user interface.
  • Fueled: Creative distinct mobile apps with energetic yet riddle-like mottos. Extraordinarily successful software company.