In the era of digitalisation, all our daily practices and connections have transformed into a digital phenomenon which we cannot avoid being in. With the frequent use of smartphones and mobile apps, people’s social interactions, as well as the channels of communication, have been redesigned electronically. On our new platform, we are happy to inform you how this digital transformation created a modern society and unique individuals within the global community.

New Digital World: The Dominance of Mobile Apps

Within our daily routines, we benefit so much from the practical tools and colourful design of mobile apps which we download on our smartphones. We plan our day, we write down our tasks to accomplish on the upcoming days, we monitor our physical and mental wellbeing, we entertain ourselves during short breaks, and we stay connected to the real world with the power of mobile apps. On our platform, you can find several articles on how these digital apps transform our daily practices as well as our individual beings. If you wish to know more about Humans 4.0, then you can read our articles on:

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